About Us

What makes us stand out is the specialist expertise of our driver team. 

All are professionally trained retired Police ‘Advanced Drivers‘ and ‘Armed Convoy Drivers‘ with outstanding exemplary Police service. Our drivers are mainly former Police Firearms Officers and nationally-trained Operational Firearms Commanders‘. The team has an extensive portfolio of operational experience including Royal VisitsArmed Convoys and other similar high profile operations. 

Advanced Journey Chauffeuring has an extensive list of high-profile, A-list clients from entertainment, business, politics and sport. We drive nationwide, and offer a discreet and confidential service

From our central location, AJC can drive you anywhere in the UK, using planned, risk-assessed, efficient routes. Often we can save you hundreds compared to using public transport: especially on the longer journeys. Whether you are corporate, high profile, or a private individual making a critical or special journey, AJC will ensure you travel in comfort and arrive in style. With our police background there’s another purpose for using us. Security. 
Who do you trust to take you away? Who do you trust to know you’re away?

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Kevin O’Mara

AJC owner and head honcho. I’m a professionally trained retired Police Advanced Driver and Armed Convoy Driver, a skilled marksman, and experienced in Royal visits and other similar high-profile operations. I’ve built up one of the best chauffeuring teams in the UK. My driving skills and temperament are both seamlessly smooth. My clients love me. My wife loves me. And so does my cat!

Darren Munnerley

26 years with Staffordshire Police, ex-army mechanic with experience of driving a wide variety of vehicles, both on and off road. Able to retain both a quiet sense of confidentiality and sense of humour no matter the hour or who’s in the back. Seriously despised by Kevin because I have a full head of hair!

Pete Kingston

Driving has always been a passion of mine which resulted in driving for the Royal family and a career with Staffordshire Police, serving for over 30 years before becoming a driving assessor for a large corporate body. The opportunity to drive for AJC has given me the pride to deliver a high level of Chauffeur service. My driving, as expected, is always on point!

David Stillman

Married with two kids, keen cyclist and reluctant DIY-er! 25 years’ service as a police firearms officer, armed response team coordinator, and on-call firearms team. Advanced driver and motorcyclist. Love being part of the AJC team. I get to meet great clients and it stops me from getting a job list from the wife!

Steve Robinson

Police Advanced driver with 30 years’ experience at supervisory level in operational policing. An authorised firearms officer in an Armed Response Vehicle. Instructor in Tactical Pursuit and Containment driving techniques and a Tactical Pursuit Adviser. Was involved with national and regional law enforcement agencies – so just behave when I’m driving!

Our Team

Three luxury vehicles and an unbeatable driving heritage. Former Police Advanced Drivers, Armed Convoy Drivers, Firearms Officers and Operational Firearms Commander'. Involved in Royal Visits, Armed Convoys and high profile operations.

Our Vehicles

Our immaculate executive vehicles include:- Mercedes S Class - Mercedes V Class AMG extra long seating 1 - 7 guests plus luggage.

AJC to deliver perfect service every time